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The family of Lepton modules expands with the Lepton9 series

28th November 2022

CAEN RFID announces the release of new Lepton9 RAIN RFID reader modules series based on the latest high performance Impinj E910 chip.

As Impinj Gold Partner, CAEN RFID is an early adopter of the new Impinj reader chips to provide the latest technology improvement to its customer base.

Lepton9 series include the Lepton9 SMD module, a compact size module for automatic manufacturing process, the Lepton9x1 with MOLEX data and power connector and a single MMCX antenna connector and the Lepton9x4 with MOLEX data and power connector and 4 MMCX antenna connectors.

The new Lepton9 series complete the CAEN RFID offering of module based on the Impinj Ex10 that include the Lepton3 and Lepton7 series.

Lepton9 modules can reach a maximum output power of 30dBm and a stunning -90dBm receive sensitivity making them well suited for the most demanding RAIN RFID reading applications.

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