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Welcome to Japan skID!

2nd Dicember 2022

Today the skID, the CAEN RFID portable RAIN RFID reader with integrated antenna for medium range applications, complies with the Japanese radio regulation.

This new compliance makes an high performance RFID mobile reader as the skID available for those Japanese companies or global organizations with sites in Japan willing to implement RAIN RFID solutions in their business.

The skID hosts an internal rechargeable battery and can operate both in wired mode, using a USB cable, or in wireless mode through the Bluetooth® interface; it is a “smartphone add-on” reader being easily fixed to the smartphone with magnets, 3M Dual Lock, or SP-Connect.

3d dual lock

Sp Connect

The skID transforms an iPhone or an Android smartphone in a powerful and flexible mobile terminal for automatic identification solutions making the reader the perfect device for inventory management, mobile workers, service and maintenance applications.

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