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The evolution of Lepton modules is just released

29th July 2022

CAEN RFID unveils 4 new RAIN RFID reader modules: Lepton3x1, Lepton3x4, Lepton7x1 and Lepton7x4.

The modules are based on the recently released Lepton3 and Lepton7 SMD modules and are designed to facilitate the usage for those customers who don’t use automatic manufacturing.

The new modules expose a MOLEX connector for power supply and data communication and 1 or 4 MMCX antenna connectors (depending on the model).
All the modules embed an aluminum heat sink and have mounting holes to simplify the integration in customer’s devices.
The Lepton3x4 and Lepton7x4 have the same dimensions and mounting holes of the Hadron module to simplify the transition to the new modules for existing customers.
With the introduction of these new 4 products, CAEN RFID has one of the widest offering of modules based on the new Impinj Ex10 series chips.

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