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Engage your customers with the CAEN RFID trID reader

24th April 2022

The RAIN RFID technology offers the opportunity to revolutionize customer experience and make it more dynamic.

An emotional and involving presentation could be interesting for sellers especially in fashion and other high-end products segments.

trID is the new RAIN RFID reader designed by CAEN RFID for customer engagement applications.

The reading zone is limited to the surface of the reader to avoid unwanted readings of tags in close proximity as it is common in shops during sales operations.

The form factor is thin and lightweight to permit to embed it in jewelry presentation trays or product displays.

The Bluetooth and BLE interfaces make it easy to connect the trID to any smartphone or tablet (compatible with both iPhone/iPad and Android devices).

The reader is battery powered so it is not limited to a fixed workstation but it can be used in mobility like for mobile POS applications.

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