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When the skID’s away the mice will play

9th january 2024

Pest control operators are increasingly using digital devices to fight rodent infestations more efficiently and to optimize work routines.

A major pest control provider, operating since 1915 in 20 states in USA, has referred to CAEN RFID to develop together a Verif-ID system with integrated RFID technology.

A small RFID sticker tag is assigned and placed inside each piece of pest equipment.

The CAEN RFID skID reader was added to their technicians’ regular equipment; it reads the UHF-RFID tags on rat cages and provides a record of when the cages have been managed.

The pest technicians keep the skID reader on their person while servicing the equipment and the tag is automatically read when the equipment is on.

At the end of service, the skID syncs with a dedicated software to document that the equipment was checked and to provide a record of pest control activities.

How RFID technology
can improve pest control service?

Barcode and written date card systems both require manual scanning or signing which takes extra time, especially in dirty or wet conditions.

By using RFID tag, the team of technicians can focus on inspection and solve pest problems proactively.

Written date cards give verification of service but can only be seen by physically going to the trap. It can be difficult to read service history, especially in wet conditions.

The RFID digital verification is visible in the logbook when the service is completed and provides clear, reliable historical data.

Barcodes can provide digital verification, but scanning them can be easily faked.

The RFID tags can’t be readily copied like barcodes and our system keeps tags from being read unless the trap or station is opened during service with the reader close by.

Although the solution was developed specifically for the maintenance of mousetraps, it is also suitable for the maintenance of any other type of equipment.

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