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The CAEN RFID SDK sets a new milestone

19th december 2023

The new CAEN RFID Software Development Kit is now available to all Clients to simplify the use and the integration of our readers.

We have developed a collection of software tools in one package of software libraries for different programming languages and operating systems.

The release of this new SDK shows our commitment to simplify the work of solution providers and system integrators not only by providing the most user-friendly and efficient readers but also by supplying the libraries to simplify their software development.

Main features:

  • Added new Swift libraries for iOS and MAC OS
  • Updated Android library
  • Migrated C# library from .NET framework to .NET Standard 2.0
  • Migrated Java library from Oracle JDK to OpenJDK
  • Both C# and Java libraries can now be used on x86/x64 Windows and Linux environments as well as on ARM Linux O.S.
  • Updated Visual C library
  • Added new C library to be used on Linux and bare metal microcontrollers
  • For each of the above libraries added new project samples showing how to perform the most basic RFID functions
  • Updated libraries documentation

SDK is available for free download

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