High Performance 4-port Embedded RAIN RFID Reader


  • Long range reading
  • 4 antenna ports
  • High sensitivity

  • USB

  • Serial

  • RAIN (UHF EPC Class1 Gen 2 ISO 18000-63) Compliant
  • Multiregional support
  • Four 50 Ohm MMCX antenna connectors
  • USB full speed and serial interface (TTL levels)
  • Up to 31.5 dBm
  • High performances handheld and sleds
  • Point of sales readers
  • Self-service kiosks
  • Industrial automation readers
  • Full portal readers
  • Long range read points

The Hadron (Model R4320C), embedded module of the easy2read© product line, is a RAIN RFID multiregional compact reader for high performances applications. With programmable output power from 10dBm to 31.5dBm, the reader reaches top reading performances being able to detect RAIN tags from a distance of 9 m. (30 feet) depending on the antenna and the tag used.
The radio frequency core of the module allows to achieve fast reading/writing operations and to work in dense reader and dense tag environments for top-class rated performances.
Due to its compact form factor, the module is specifically designed to be easily embedded in battery powered devices such as high performances handhelds and sleds. Thanks to the 4-antenna ports and the high power capability, the Hadron module is the perfect RAIN RFID core component to design full size readers for portals, industrial automation readers or any RFID device requiring long reading distances.
The Hadron reader complies with and can operate in both European and US regulatory environments and, thanks to its multiregional capabilities, it’s ideal for integration in devices requiring compliance to different geographical regions.

Frequency Range

865.600÷867.600 MHz (ETSI EN 302 208 v3.1.1)
902÷928 MHz (FCC part 15.247)

RF Power

Programmable from 10dBm to 31.5dBm (30dBm for FCC)

Output Power Accuracy

+/- 1dB

Antenna VSWR Requirement

< 2:1 for optimum performances

Antenna Connectors

Nr. 4 MMCX jacks

Frequency Tolerance

±10ppm over the entire temperature range

Number of Channels

4 channels (compliant to ETSI EN 302 208 v3.1.1)
50 hopping channels (compliant to FCC part 15.247)

Standard Compliance

EPC C1G2 / ISO18000-63

Digital I/O

4 I/O lines 3.3V out @ 3mA; 5V tolerant

Forward Link Characteristics

PR-ASK 40kBit/s; DSB-ASK 160kBit/s (FCC only)

Return Link Characteristics

Miller encoding (M=4; LF=250kHz)
Miller encoding (M=4; LF=300kHz)
FM0 400kbit/s (FCC only)


USB interface
One USB 2.0 Full Speed (12 Mbit/s) device port

UART Serial Port
– Baudrate: up to 115200
– Databits: 8
– Stopbits:1
– Parity: none
– Flow control: none
– 3.3 V I/O voltage level


(L) 60 x (W) 42 x (H) 7,5 mm3

Power Consumption (max)

8.5W peak (TX/RX mode)

DC Power

3,5 VDC ÷ 5.5 VDC

Operating Temperature

-20°C to +60°C


35 g

R4320C Hadron Firmware
Revision : 1.6.0
R4320C - Hadron - High Performance 4-port Embedded UHF RFID Reader
Hadron - ETSI Dev Kit with antenna, interface, power supply and tags (reader not included)
Hadron - FCC Dev Kit with antenna, interface, power supply and tags (reader not included)