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CAEN RFID Hex, the RAIN RFID Swiss Army Knife

14th May 2021

Just as the famous Swiss Army knife, the Hex reader has many tools grouped in a single object so that it is useful in many circumstances. Look at the list of “tools”:

  • Display and keypad, a local human interface that allow to change the behavior of the reader without the need for a connected PC.
  • Mounting holes that permit to fix the reader on top or below a counter or even to fix it on a wall.
  • USB host interface to connect USB peripheral like a barcode reader to easily implement a RAIN RFID encoding station.
  • Connector of an external antenna in case you need a wider reading area.
  • Digital I/Os to connect additional triggers and signals.
  • Web configuration interface to easily use the reader without any software development.
  • Scripting engine to fully customize the reader behavior by a Java application.


Using the local keypad and display, a sales assistant can decide if a scan is related to a sale or if it is a return.

In a small warehouse the Hex reader can be used as a mid-range fixed reading point for incoming good scannings.

Connected to a barcode reader, the Hex can be easily transformed in a simple encoding station that reads barcodes and program the RAIN RFID chips accordingly.

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