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Help us to deal with the global chip shortage!

7th May 2021

An unexpected effect of the pandemic is an unprecedented global shortage in semiconductor microchips.

During last year consumers stocked up several electronic devices like laptops and smartphones to set up workstations at home or smart tv and game consoles to have more entertainment opportunities in lockdown periods.

The automotive sector, after a drop in vehicle sales in spring 2020, registered a rush increase on vehicle demand in the third quarter, running out of their electronic components inventory. Today carmakers too were forced to scale back their output.

Microchips are now used everywhere and manufacturers are unable to produce them fast enough and the supply chain was not able to keep up with the growing demand.

The shortage squeezed warehouses and drove up costs of electronic components increasing the price of final products.

CAEN RFID is facing this global scenario just like any other company using chips in their production.

To avoid the risk of remaining out of stock or to delay deliveries, our company increased electronic components stocks, deciding to purchase them in advance to supply future production needs.

Clients can help us to deal with the global chip shortage placing blanket purchase orders or sharing with us their production forecasts. In this way CAEN RFID will organize the production accordingly to the real demand, planning in advance the future request.

We think this could be the solution to match your needs and synchronize the production, to simplify buying process for both parties and to overpass this crisis together.

Despite the component cost increasing, CAEN RFID is committed to keeping the price list locked for the whole of 2021 to meet customers satisfaction.

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