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Nebula integrates CAEN RFID, together to innovate RFID T&T solutions.

20th May 2021

R4i developed a fully integrated platform to track and trace any tagged object through time and space.

Thanks to the long-term collaboration between CAEN RFID and R4i we are today proud to announce that all the CAEN RFID readers are fully supported by the Nebula platform, allowing fast and straightforward implementation of RFID based track and trace solutions.

The Nebula platform take care of all the RFID technology details so you can concentrate your efforts on the business relevant aspects of the solution. Offering a REST API interface, Nebula makes it simple to integrate the RFID solution to existing business application.

The platform also supports CAEN RFID sensor loggers to add information about the environment surrounding the object enriching the standard set of information (identity and location). Using temperature loggers, for example, the solution can monitor shipments of perishable products like vaccines or fresh food.


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