Retail – Fashion & Apparel

The use of RAIN RFID for Retail for Fashion and Apparel applications is growing on a daily basis. From manufacturing to retail and brand owners, all the stakeholders are taking the advantages of item level tagging.

All processes in the apparel chain, from production monitoring and planning, to inventory control, to in-store operations, can experience a consistent ROI (Return On Investment) once RAIN RFID is in use.

Moreover, the increase of sales and reduction of out-of-stock, provide the retail apparel industry with consistent motivations for RAIN RFID adoption.

Last but not least, customer experience is becoming a powerful tool for brand loyalty and in-store customer service and RAIN RFID technology enables wonderful solutions to engage the consumer.

The following is a list of CAEN RFID products used in Retail for Fashion and Apparel and relevant case studies.

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