MONNALISA implements RFID technology on 50% of its production


Arezzo (I), Agno (CH) – Viareggio (I), Settembre, 4th 2012

CAEN RFID, a leading manufacturer of UHF RFID readers, and TEMERA, a leading system integrator in the fashion market, are pleased to announce that MONNALISA, world leader in the clothing and accessory market for children, reached the target for 2012 regarding the implementation of RFID technology on 50% of its production.

MONNALISA introduced RFID technology in September 2010 through a pilot project for the RFID testing along its whole supply chain, starting from smart labels printing to the end user interaction using interactive tools, covering warehouse logistics and point of sale activities. The RFID project also ensures the customer the product originality and traceability.

“The FII-RFID project is still on an experimental stage,” sais Alessandro Rosi, operation project manager MONNALISA SpA, “but, thanks to the data analysis made so far, we have already calculated the savings coming from the combination of RFID technology and process re-engineering. ”

“The benefits obtained” continues Alessandro Rosi, “are translated into an improved efficiency, an increased operations control and reliability and a greater transparency to the consumer thanks to the guarantee of product’s originality and traceability throughout the whole supply chain. For what concerns the customer experience, the usage of “smart” tools experienced in preview during the Pitti Bimbo PE2012, has generated a great interest, showing a desire for an innovative shopping experience. ”

“The project has a strategic value and Monnalisa’s target for the medium term is to consolidate the usage of RFID technology in all its supply chain process in order to extend the benefits, delay the initial costs on a more extended portion of the supply chain and thus reducing the time required to the return on investment (PBP) ” concludes Alessandro Rosi.

Temera and CAEN RFID have partnered to provide MONNALISA with the implementation of various RFID solutions and the supply of hardware related to the selected process.

“Our experience in the implementation of RFID projects for Fashion & Luxury, combined with Monnalisa’s strong culture and innovation capacity has allowed the design of customized systems for a simple and effective management of the operations in warehouses and stores,” says Arcangelo D ‘ Onofrio, CEO of TEMERA.

“Thanks to their flexibility and easiness of use, our RFID products have been implemented in a short time by TEMERA in MONNALISA ” said Giovanni Grieco, CAEN RFID Business Development Manager. “In particular, the usage of our desktop devices (Slate R1260I USB Desktop UHF RFID Reader) on trolleys allowed MONNALISA an efficient management of product and user-friendly for all operators”.

MONNALISA SpA is a world leader company in clothing and accessories for children. The company is positioned on high fashion market. Monnalisa is present in over 50 countries through a qualified distribution structure through flagship store (Milan-Florence-Arezzo-Rome-Catania-New York-Sydney-Baku), corners and shop-in-shops in the most exclusive boutiques and Department Store in the world. The percentage of sales during the Spring Summer 2013 campaign is divided as follows: 57.5% domestic (EU 22%) and 42.5% overseas. In the last years Monnalisa has established important distribution agreements allowing the opening of new stores reaching emerging or difficult to penetrate markets such as China, India, Egypt, Syria, Taiwan, Libya and Brazil and positioning at the top, among the Italian companies, for investment and development.

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CAEN RFID is a leading Italian company in the design and production of RFID UHF readers and tags. CAEN RFID was the first company in Europe to produce and distribute UHF readers. Its active involvement in the EPC Global, AIM Europe and ETSI work groups have allowed it to provide RFID readers and tags which are in the vanguard of existing technology. Amongst these the Easy2Read© readers/writers have been designed to permit the use of one single identification technology for reading either at close range or at a range of several meters; the semi-passive Easy2Log© tag can be used for the monitoring and recording of temperatures of perishable products in transit (such as food or chemical/pharmaceutical products in cold storage).

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Temera is born in 2009, and from 2011 the headquarters are in Switzerland, near Lugano, with a branch in Florence. Temera is a company specialized in the fashion & luxury market and provides innovative solutions for anti-counterfeiting and brand protection, supply chain tracking, retail chains protection (parallel market), supply chain automation and shopping experience. Means aimed at develop these solutions are basically processes and market know-how issued from the working team’s professional experience, technological competence of goods unique identification systems, and expertise in developing hardware and software solutions that enable integration between goods and processes.

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