RFID Talks: RAIN RFID and manufacturing digitalization


26th March 2021


There are two challenges that manufacturing companies are facing that seem incompatible with mass production: customization and fast delivery. But this is exactly what consumers are expecting today. We are all used to receive our products ordered online the day after the purchase (if not in the same day) but, at the same time, we look for the gratification and the level of self-expression that only a personalized product can provide.

Given that, manufacturers have no choice but to automate processes through digitalization that is what Industry 4.0 (or Industrial IoT) is about: manufacturing digitalization.

Having a digital representation of the manufacturing plant permits to obtain end-to-end transparency, better process control, increased efficiency, and maintenance automation.

Whatever you are going to digitalize – a part, a component, a container, a tool, or a finished product – the first step is to uniquely identify the item in an efficient and automated way. Here is where RAIN RFID technology is good at and why it is considered one of the foundational technologies for this 4th Industrial Revolution.

Once your item is identified you can enrich its digital twin with more information coming from sensors, or other sources but the identity is the primary link with the real world.

The implementation of RFID technology can fill the gap between industrial standardized process and customer willingness of personalized product: automated control systems and big data analysis will support companies to boost output and increase production efficiency, allowing adaptation of single processes to accommodate customized orders.

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