RFID E-seal

RFID E-seal

Special tags for security and traceability in transport

img RFID E-seal
  • UHF RFID passive e-seal, 860-960 MHz
  • Air interface protocol ISO/IEC 18000-63
  • At every RFID reading provides EPC code and status indication of the tamper bit (inviolate/tampered)
  • High Security Seal compliant ISO17712:2013 (including Clause 6)
  • Shock-proof IP66 polystyrene plastic housing-laser marking available for logo, barcode, text
  • Customizable as for chip type and code ( including password protection)
  • Available as bolt-lock or cable-lock for a variety of fixing modes and applications
  • One time use

The E-seal is a radio frequency device that transmits container information when interrogated by an RAIN RFID portal or mobile reader. It combines mechanical security of standard seals with the electronic security offered by RAIN RFID technology. The E-seal has unique ID code and read / write user memory capabilities. It provides automatic identification of trucks, trailers and containers.
It is available in tamper evidence version where the status of the seal (TAMPERED / NOT TAMPERED) is immediately detected when it pass through a gate or by manual expection with a mobile reader.
Any tampering event is permanently stored in E-seal chip’s memory . This activates the TAG TAMPER ALARM, which immediately provides the status of the seal either TAMPERED or NOT TAMPERED.

Using qIDmini R1170 or qID R1240 reader in combination with your smartphone or tablet you will read not only the seal EPC code, but also its TAMPER STATUS (intact/violated). The operator can get a visual and easy-to-read feedback and no extra work for SW development or integration would be requested from your side at this stage.

The DemoKit (set of RFID seals and CAEN RFID Mobile Reader) represents the complete READY TO USE solution to show you all the functionalities of UHF RFID Tamper evident Seals. In addition, we provide SW libraries in C, Java, .NET, Android and iOS so you can develop your own application in due time and remain at your disposal for support and feedback.

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