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Lepton3 and Lepton7

7th July 2021

CAEN RFID unveils the Lepton3 and the Lepton7, two new RAIN RFID reader modules powered by the next-generation Impinj E310 and E710 RAIN RFID reader chips.

As early adopters of the new Impinj reader chips and an Impinj Gold Partners, we are proud to be among the first companies announcing products based on the newly released chips.

The Lepton3 is the entry level module with an output power of 25 dBm and a sensitivity of -72 dBm, good performances for many short to medium range application at an affordable price point.

The Leptonis a high-performance module, with an output power of 30 dBm and a sensitivity of -85 dBm is well suited for long range applications like high performance handheld and fixed readers.

Both modules are multiregional so a single SKU can be configured to work in almost any country and they are software and pin compatible so you can easily upgrade or downgrade device performances without changing your board design or your application development.


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