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Eximia Octopus

14th July 2021

Eximia, a Filippetti Group company, designs end-to-end RFID solutions for integrated logistics for over 20 years.

The company has developed Octopus, an intelligent RAIN RFID middleware that allows companies to govern the field components of an RFID project and to connect the physical and digital worlds.

Thank to the collaboration between CAEN RFID and Eximia, the Octopus Middleware is now fully compliant and integrated with CAEN RFID readers, enhancing the data & process integration ability that is necessary to face the evolution of the logistics world and digitize processes along the supply chain.
The Eximia middleware allows to collect field data in real time, manage devices and readings from RFID readers (including single or massive reader configuration) and to send data to ERP and MES systems to convert them into strategic information thanks to the Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities.
The Octopus middleware is a key component of the integrated holistic Enterprise Logistics Platform (hELP) developed by Eximia.


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