The use of RFID technology is today more pervasive than just a few years ago. Evolving from the traditional gate or portal concept, the embedding of RFID modules into products is undoubtedly an added value to existing and well established technologies.

The benefits of RFID enabled devices are becoming clear to all stakeholders on a daily basis: UHF RFID products are perceived as smart devices, typically able to address multiple functions in several applications, thus providing process innovation and competitive advantage to the end users.

Listing all the applications that can benefit from embedded RFID can be an enormous task, but a few of the most popular involve inventory in industrial automation and mobility, anti-counterfeiting, security, access control, product visibility and customer experience.

The following is the list of CAEN RFID Embedded products and case studies about their use in products developed by our partners.

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Case studies

Handheld Devices

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RFID Printers

The RFID enabled Printer, or Printer-Encoder, is a vital element in most RFID installations.