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Coppernic Access-ER powered by CAEN RFID Lepton3 module

26th June 2023

Coppernic released the Access-ER, a high performance RFID handheld data collection terminal.

This lightweight mobile device has an enhanced RAIN RFID reading identification capability thanks to the CAEN RFID Lepton3 module.

The Lepton3 module is an ultra compact reader for low power RAIN RFID applications, based on the Impinj E310 reader chip that permits to achieve fast reading speed and to be used in dense reader and dense tag environments for top-class rated performances.

The Lepton3 module is specifically designed to be easily integrated in battery powered devices, and due to its compactness and the surface mount technology it can be embedded inside the small form factor handhelds like the Coppernic Access-ER.

The Access-ER reader is a rugged and easy to handle data collection terminal based on Android.

This mobile device combines the attributes of an Android mobile device with several high performance RFID reader options, allowing to create a fit-for-purpose tool for multiple applications (Public Transport Ticketing, Asset Tracking, Physical Access Control, Logistics).

Coppernic designs, produces, and deploys professional-grade handheld devices for use with control and traceability applications including Public Transportation Ticketing, Mobile Biometric Identification, Mobile Access Control and the Traceability of Goods & Materials. As an expert system integrator, Coppernic delivers complete turnkey solutions using RFID, IOT, and mobile technology, for multiple applications such as Smart Asset Tracking, Vehicle Telematics, On-Street Parking Management, Logistics traceability, and more. Founded in 2008 in Aix-en-Provence, Coppernic has been a member of Bpifrance Excellence since 2011 and of the “Pass French Tech” since 2016.

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