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Italian RFID for Africa: CAEN RFID and Lab-ID together to help Somaliland

Viareggio (I) and Castelmaggiore (I), March 12, 2013

CAEN RFID, a leading producer of UHF RFID readers, and LAB ID, a leading manufacturer of RFID inlays are pleased to announce the success of the RFID project for libraries in Somaliland.

The idea of creating a library of used books was born by the promoters of Redsea-Online, a non-profit foundation based in Italy and Somaliland. The Director, Jama Musse Jama, has for years been pursuing various initiatives to spread the love of reading and creative writing, especially among young people. The economic difficulties of the country and the willingness to share resources has led Jama Musse to introduce a new virtuous circle of development: create a library of used books which, indexed and made available to the system, will expedite the management of available books, optimizing the services performed by the operators.

The evolution has been to bring together the books gifted to the association to create a library of used books managed through RFID technologies provided free of charge by two Italian partners: labels from LAB ID, while reading systems (Slate R1260I desktop reader and Ion R4300P portal reader) are from CAEN RFID.

Jama Musse, in addition to being president of the Red Sea Culture Foundation, is also a computer expert and has used the tags and the readers to teach a group of boys the basics of RFID technology.

“One of my main goals”, said Musse Jama, Director of the Red Sea Foundation “was to give a future to graduates in Somaliland, which instead of attempting a journey of hope in Europe can learn a new profession in Somaliland. This year, using the RFID as a pilot project, I taught a course at some boys who learn to program and become aspiring librarians and computer scientists”.

“The technological innovation carried out in Somaliland,” said Giovanni Grieco, Business Development Manager of CAEN RFID, “appears to be the most suitable solution to improve the procedures and facilitate the work of operators working in the service. The excellent teaching activity carried out by Jama then enriched the whole operation”.

“It ‘s always a pleasure to work with this kind of initiatives,” adds Giovanni Codegoni, Sales Manager at LAB ID “technology as a point of contact between companies and service on the territory of qualifying projects. Only Jama’s foresight and his dedication has enabled the success of this project. A touch of Italian style in the implementation in Somaliland adds on a great pleasure”.

This project, as well as providing a useful service for a specific library, is also a first training of future technicians specialized in a whole new technology, in a country where youth unemployment is very high, and returns a confidence to young Somalis with work prospects in their own country.


Redsea-Online is a cultural foundation based in Italy and in Somaliland which promotes the culture of reading and creative writing in Somali speaking society, with particular focus on youth. In addition, we support and promote Information and Communication Technology for development within the Somaliland society. We promote and distribute high quality Somali literature contents (essays, history, fiction, science, poetry and drama); and provide young people with access to the cultures of the world by translating international renowned classical literature (including fiction, poetry and drama) into Somali. Our main target is to value and to preserve Somali traditional human-created wisdom (literature, indigenous science, traditional games, language and all other forms of art of human expression) in the form of the written word. Somalis are traditionally an oral society, and their culture is profoundly animated by the spoken word, and the highest art of Somali Culture is poetry, which is a literary form produced for performance.

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CAEN RFID is a leading Italian company in the design and production of RFID UHF readers and tags. CAEN RFID was the first company in Europe to produce and distribute UHF readers. Its active involvement in the EPC Global, AIM Europe and ETSI work groups have allowed it to provide RFID readers and tags which are in the vanguard of existing technology. Amongst these the Easy2Read© readers/writers have been designed to permit the use of one single identification technology for reading either at close range or at a range of several meters; the semi-passive Easy2Log© tag can be used for the monitoring and recording of temperatures of perishable products in transit (such as food or chemical/pharmaceutical products in cold storage).

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LAB ID is a leader in delivering products and solutions based on RFID technology. In the factory in Bologna, LAB ID designs and manufactures passive RFID tags and reader systems. The production of tags based on flip chip process, supports all chip (IC) available on the market. The experience and know-how of internal R & D provide to LAB ID flexibility and efficiency in offering solutions for both standard and custom, based on specific project needs. LAB ID products are used in the areas of ticketing, access control and logistics / production (fashion, food, pharmaceutical…).

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Jama Musse Jama

David Pallassini
Sales Manager
Tel.: +39 0584 388398

LAB ID S.r.l.
Giovanni Codegoni
Sales Manager
Tel.: +39 051 70 59 41

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