RAIN RFID technology boosts the inventory management


23rd Feb 2021


Have you ever considered that if you do not have in stock the shirt desired by your customer, you would not even sell the matching skirt or blazer?

Sophie would buy a new shirt to renew her outfits during next spring season.

Claire is the owner of a clothing store for women in the mall and she is always updated on the incoming fashion trends to satisfy customers.

One day Sophie visited Claire’s boutique looking for a shirt in pastel colors. Claire shows her many options: light pink, dusty blue, lavender and peach color.

Sophie tries on different shirts and finally she really appreciates the lavender one, but it is too small for her and Claire has no larger sizes in stock.

Claire is very sorry: Sophie did not buy the shirt and not even the skirt or the blazer that could complete her new outfit.

How did that happen?

Claire used to inventory once a year, it is a long and boring activity and miscounting may occur frequently.

RAIN RFID technology can revolutionize the retail industry improving the accuracy rate compared to traditional inventory tracking methods and manual inventory checks.

Using RAIN RFID technology, inventory can be done very quickly and automatically, reaching an accuracy rate up to 95% and more.The line of sight is not required and the RFID reader counts several items per second.

RFID tags permit to retrieve complete information about each single item via radiofrequency waves to the readers, which are connected to a warehouse management system.

The stock is always updated and can be checked daily.

Implementing RAIN RFID technology to stocktaking means saving time and resources, avoids the risks to be out of stock and miss cross-selling opportunities that build a stronger relationship with your customers and sustain your business.