Proton – R4320P

Proton – Industrial 4-port RAIN RFID Long Range Reader

Viareggio, October 29th, 2019.

CAEN RFID announces the availability of a new RAIN RFID fixed reader well suited for industrial and outdoor installations: the Proton.

The Proton reader has 4 antenna ports capable of a 31.5 dBm maximum power, enabling to build RAIN RFID portals for long range reading.

Its compact and robust form factor makes it easy to install and the IP65 protection permits outdoor or harsh environment installations. Featuring Power Over EthernetRS232 and GPIOs via industry standard M12 connectors the Proton is an ideal choice for industrial automation and Industry 4.0 solutions.

The Proton is based upon an embedded Linux platform and it’s easily configurable using an internal web interface. System integrators can customize the behavior of the reader installing Java code that, having access to all the RFID features and interfaces, permits a full customization.

The Proton reader complies with and can operate in both European and US regulatory environments and, due to its multiregional capabilities, it’s ideal for RAIN RFID solutions requiring compliance to different geographical regions.