UHF Antenna Multiplexer

  • 1 to 4 antenna multiplexer
  • Covers the 860 - 960 MHz Range
  • 9Vdc to 36Vdc Supply Voltage Range
  • SMA RF connectors
  • TTL level address signal


The RA0003 module is a 1 to 4 UHF antenna multiplexer that allows to expand read points management of CAEN RFID easy2read product line.
Typical usages of the device are the following:

  • Extension of number of read points of single antenna readers (i.e. QuarkUp R1270C or Quark R1230CB) for low/medium range portal applications, access control and all others low cost installations requiring up to 4 antenna management.
  • Extension of number of read points of multiantenna readers (i.e. Proton R4320P or Ion R4301P) for smart shelves installations, manufacturing lines and all others applications requiring a large number of antennas to be connected.

RA0003 has SMA RF connectors, is able to manage up to 2W RF power and can be used in the whole range of UHF RFID worldwide band.
The module has a extended supply voltage range (9Vdc – 36Vdc) and TTL level address signal.
Five leds provide the user with information about module operation.


1 to 4 antenna multiplexer

RF Ports Impedance

50 Ohm

Operating Frequency

860 ÷ 960 MHz

RF Power Handling

up to 2W

Insertion Loss

1.5dB typ.

Return Loss

22dB typ.


27dB typ.

RF Connectors Type

SMA jack

Supply Voltage Range

9Vdc ÷ 36Vdc

Power Consumption

< 350mW

Control Voltage Range

0V ÷ 6V

User interface

Green LED: power

Yellow LEDs: selected antenna information

Operating Temperature

-20°C to +70°C

IP Rating



(W)65 x (L)93 x (H)35 mm 3
(2.6 x 3.7 x 1.4 inch3 )



RA0003 Technical Information Manual - Size: 1.18 MB
Revision : 2
RA0003 Data Sheet - Size: 625.93 kB
CAEN RFID Products Catalog 2020 - Size: 3.48 MB
RA0003 - UHF Antenna Multiplexer
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