LogOn – Industria 2015

LogOn (Logistic Open Network) is an ambitious innovative development project on City Logistic issue promoted by a consortium of 17 Italian enterprises (5 medium, 7 small, 5 micro) and submitted in the “b2” action line “Sistemi per la mobilità sicura ed integrata fra veicoli ed infrastrutture per il trasporto di persone e/o merci” with main reference to sub-action “b2.3” :
“sistema e componenti logistici per il trasporto su gomma di merci in ambito urbano”, but also with relevant direct impact on sub-action “b2.2” : “piattaforma infotelematica per la sicurezza e la gestione di persone e/o merci in ambito urbano” in relation to the info-telematic platform concerning the goods logistic in urban area.and on sub-action “b2.1”: “sistemi e componenti per la mobilità di persone e/o merci nelle città d’arte o a forte vocazione turistica soggette ad intensi flussi
di scambio”, concernine the goods logistic in historical art cities with high level of tourism economy.

CITEC SpA is the project co-ordinator and leader. This Company has been operating since a long time as a well known system integrator and a supplier of IT platforms and infrastructures. The latter are usually based upon automated voice interaction technologies. The consortium, comprising 17 enterprises, has a total of about 1000 employees with 160 MEuro of annual revenue. Consortium includes leading companies operating in ICT, system integration, MW development, wireless
device, RFID, telecommunication services and embedded systems.
Several end users have joined the Project. Among them:

  • the Rome County;
  • the ‘Centro Agroalimentare’ located in Parma;
  • the ‘Met.Ro Metropolitana di Roma Spa’ Company;
  • the Trambus SpA Company of Rome (the biggest italian surface transportations company).

An agreement is also being signed with the ATAC SpA Company, which has been formed to provide a generally available public transportation system for the whole Rome region, which includes planning, regulation, supervision, promotion and marketing activities concerning the services provided by the Carrier Operators Met.Ro. S.p.A. and Trambus S.p.A.

Moreover in the project activities, Consorzio Roma Ricerche, RFID Laboratory of CATTID / University of Rome La Sapienza (Prof. Carlo Maria Medaglia), INFOCOM dept of Engineering Faculty of University of Rome La Sapienza (Prof. Gianni Orlandi), Engineering of Enterprises dept of University of Rome Tor Vergata, (prof. Massimiliano Schiraldi) and the IT dept of University of Rome La Sapienza (prof. Emanuele Panizzi) will contribute providing Industrial Research services.

CAEN RFID is a proud member of the LogOn Consortium.