Chocoladefabriken Lindt & Sprüngli: Geqoo CoolChain and CAEN RFID for Quality Control

Viareggio, June, 29th 2011

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The production of high-quality chocolate requires the accurate compliance with recipes. This also concerns the temperatures during
storage and transport of specific products. To assure the correcttransport environment the system Geqoo CoolChain is deployed.
CAEN data loggers which are read out wirelessly are attached to specific products of the Lindt & Sprüngli portfolio.
At particular stations in the supply chain the loggers are identified and read out for verification. The web-based software from
ubigrate enables Lindt & Sprüngli and the logistics partner cross-company collaboration fulfilling highest standards of quality.
With the easy-to-use-terminals the logistician isable to keep concentrated on his main task. At the same time the responsible user
can access all temperature data during transport by using the web-platform. Therewith, the compliance with pretended temperatures
is documented and flaws in the supply chain can be corrected quickly.

The company Chocoladefabriken Lindt & Sprüngli uses several terminals for Geqoo CoolChain. At the internal terminal in the
shipping area the specific products are equipped with temperature loggers CAEN A927Z. This is also the point where the shipping
is prepared by initializing the loggers. Therefore the serial shipping container code (SSCC) which assigns the logger until the
end of the transport is entered.

Also, the frequency of the logging is set at the terminal. As the supervised process covers several weeks, the temperature is
recorded every hour. Finally, the CAEN temperature logger is started. The configuration of the temperature logger, the SSCC and
the start of the logger is recorded centrally in Geqoo CoolChain. With the help of the SSCC the user who is responsible for external
logistics can monitor the start of each shipment in the web-based software.

For the transport the logistician attaches the temperature logger to the shipment. Therewith, the CAEN logger records the temperature
directly at the shipped goods.

For reason of cross-company collaboration and quality assurance the logistics partner needs to be easily connected with Geqoo
CoolChain. Hence, an additional external terminal for Geqoo CoolChain is deployed off site at the logistics partner’s facility.
The terminal only requires an internet connection and is immediately ready to use. When the specific products pass the gate at
the logistics partner they are identified via the SSCC. The temperature logger can be read out in a distance of about 4 meters.

The SSCC read out is recorded in Geqoo CoolChain immediately. The responsible user can directly see when and how often the shipment
with the specific SSCC passed the gate. At the end of the process the CAEN temperature loggers are detached from the shipment and
returned to Lindt & Sprüngli. There, the recorded temperatures are read out and saved automatically in Geqoo CoolChain, where
responsible users can access the temperature recordings by using the web-based application. This is how the high quality standards
of storage and transport are assured.

In the future, the temperature recordings will also become available for the SAP-system at Lindt & Sprüngli by using the Geqoo
CoolChain interface. The objective is to integrate the data in the common enterprise software and make the information company-wide
available forall concerned users.

Information on CAEN RFID

CAEN RFID is a leading Italian company in the design and production of RFID UHF readers and tags. CAEN RFID was the first
company in Europe to produce and distribute UHF readers. Its active involvement in the EPC Global, AIM Europe and ETSI work groups have
allowed it to provide RFID readers and tags which are in the vanguard of existing technology. Amongst these the easy2read© readers/writers
have been designed to permit the use of one single identification technology for reading either at close range or at a range of several
meters; the semi-passive easy2log© tag can be used for the monitoring and recording of temperatures of perishable products in transit
(such as food or chemical/pharmaceutical products in cold storage).For more information please contact:

David Pallassini
Sales Manager
Tel: +39 0584 388398

Information on Ubigrate

Ubigrate is an SAP Research spin-off, founded in 2008. We produce software which allows to capture data from physical
processes in production and logistics. Examples for such process data are goods movements, warehouse conditions, container movements,
production statuses and machine conditions. The benefit of our products is (a) faster reaction in case of errors and failures, (b) simplified
documentation for audits, and (c) higher customer loyalty through reliable information on production status and delivery dates.
For more information please contact:

Dr. Jürgen Anke – Managing Director
Tel: +49 351 2118729