“Dematic Real Time Logistics is a division of global intelligent logistics solutions provider Dematic. We see great potential in CAEN RFID’s product line which significantly enhances our portfolio in the RFID market across the ASIAN, Taiwan and India markets. The EPC and ETSI compliance features are a good fit for our market needs.” says Gan Eng-Teck, General Manager of Dematic Malaysia.


“Aton’s successful cooperation with CAEN RFID started a long time ago. The high-level performance of this Company’s products is a proven guarantee of our RFID-solutions. Recently we implemented an important RFID project for a multinational manufacturing company and we used the Ion (Mod. R4300P) reader, on-board which the presence of an integrated GPRS modem allows use in any worldwide installation requiring RFID in remote areas. A good marriage between CAEN RFID products and onID, our RFID platform.” says Germano Rizzo, R&D Architect RFID Systems of Aton SpA.


“MICROPLEX offers high-end industrial print systems based on our MICROPLEX controller technology. In order to meet our strict requirements in terms of robustness, performance and size we decided to integrate the CAEN RFID Quark (Mod. R1230CB) OEM reader module to our RFID thermal and cut sheet laser printer line. Beside the high performance and small size CAEN RFID supports us with its easy to integrate and flexible reader modules in our satisfying long term cooperation.” says Matthias Krusch, Sales Manager of Microplex.


Having 24 years professional experiences in the Automatic Identification business Antra ID has high level knowledge and experience in Auto ID solutions involving RF Terminal Systems, Barcode Scanners, Printers and their Supplies, Voice Solutions and RFID Applications and many System Developments. “The outstanding quality of the wide range of RFID equipment produced by CAEN RFID and their exceptional support provided us the opportunity to create such solid solutions, that help our customers to achieve their long-term concepts in the field of logistics and manufacturing” says Laszlo Ozsvald, CTO of Antra ID.


“We use CAEN RFID temperature loggers for log 2.0 cold chain because they are very accurate, fast and allow a long monitoring time span. L-mobile log 2.0 cold chain enables you to make considerable cost reductions on the management of your cold chain, making it a decisive cost driver. Replacing spoiled goods, insufficient evidence of disruption to the cold chain, lost traceability and compliance with legal requirements all lead to high expenditure, putting pressure on costs and revenue. With L-mobile and CAEN RFID you have the crucial advantage of having all needed information where you need them at a cross-company level.” says Günter Löchner, Managing Director of L-mobile.


“Relying on its 15 years experience in providing Industrial Printing and Automatic Identification Solutions, Pernix (Xholding Group) has been able to develop several important projects together with CAEN RFID. Since the beginning, this collaboration of our two Italian high-technology companies has permitted to face the most demanding requirements and provide state of the art solutions. Moreover, working with CAEN Staff, you’re able to provide solutions that make you understand the difference between a good result and a successful achievement.” says Gianpaolo Carrer, CEO of Pernix.


“AUTEPRA is IT systems engineering company – IT systems for container terminal automation and safety being integrators we design, arrange and support various solutions from market leaders (gate automation, cranes OCR and damage inspection, reefers monitoring, terminal assets management, WiFi and 3G/4G networking, rugged mobile computing, safety and security). Typically we start project with concept and finish with a key to customer, passing designing, implementation (we do not bother customers with any additional questions or works to be done out of scope), go-life and support. We use CAEN RFID products from the container yard till manufacturing plant and warehouse for everydays autentification and tracking tasks.” says Tomas Girdzevicius, President of Autepra.


“NextPoint is a distributor specialized in High Added Value RFID systems and products, and CAEN is one of our most valued partners to reach this goal. Our mission focuses on offering a selected portfolio of RFID products by selected brands all around the world to our clients. Two of our most highlighted products are the innovative qID (Mod. R1240I) reader, a unique dual RFID reader/writer + barcode scanner with Bluetooth+USB communication; and the awesome Ion (Mod. R4300P)reader, a powerful RFID reader based on an Intel Atom processor with a real Linux inside, which allows endless features: WIFI, GPRS, GPS, memory stick, standalone operation,… Both devices allow our company to provide our clients with an exclusive and different solution for their RFID projects, with more flexibility and customization than ever to beat their competitors and win their deals. ” says Lluis Bueno, Business Manager of NextPoint Solutions.


“Datatronic and CAEN RFID have a long term partnership. We started integrating CAEN RFID modules and now we are also reselling their products in Austria and Germany. Their excellent support, the quality of the products and the cooperation during events and customer meetings are the added values.
The Quark (Mod. R1230CB) reader is the heart of DATATRONIC’s product lines TagTrans and BlueTank, mainly because of its features like – low power consumption, – programmable power output, – multiregional approvals and last not least compact size. In addition it guarantees high performance and easy implementation in identification processes.” says Wolfgang Peiritsch, CEO of Datatronic.


“CAEN RFID has a complete family of products suitable to cover all the main RFID UHF vertical markets. This is perfect to find always the right product for our customers. In addition we enforced our partnership developing IOS Api for qID (Mod. R1240I) device and RFidtoObserver Software for the Ion (Mod. R4300P) reader” says Moreno Poli, CEO of NGway.


“In tight cooperation with CAEN RFID during the EURIDICE research project we provided GSM/GPRS connectivity and GPS location technology for a “Telit Box” prototype M2M device to provide cargo positioning plus remote connectivity to a logistic control platform by other project participants. Our prototype interfaced with a CAEN RFID reader device to monitor goods added to the cargo hold.” says Guido Walcher, Director, Quality and Intellectual Property at Telit Wireless Solutions.


“Founders of IRADETS Ltd. have roots in particle and nuclear physics, and have long used CAEN products in their field. We are very pleased to cooperate with CAEN RFID with the goal of long term partnership. We started to provide CAEN RFID products to system integrators and hardware manufactures in Turkey. The range, quality and performance of CAEN RFID products are excellent propellers for our business in the market for RFID-solutions, and we believe that our customers will be very happy, not only with the products, but also with the prompt customer services.” says Fehmi Dogan, CEO of IRADETS Ltd.


“Enlight enjoys a very fruitful cooperation with CAEN RFID, as we profit from utilizing CAEN RFID’s excellent and innovative products. Reliable, robust and predictable performance are important attributes to products that are part of RFID-solutions, as well as a reasonable price. The Ion (Mod. R4300P) reader, in particular, fills a large gap in the market, equipped with both Linux and communication capabilities that are essential to our solutions.” says Viktor Varan, CEO of Enlight.


“Project and CAEN RFID have worked together developing a product called ASSIST. Assist is a project based on RFID technologies developed by CAEN RFID within the health sector, with the aim of using solutions based on innovative technologies such as RFID to reshape the processes of prescribing and medication administration in hospitals. Allows you to exceed the limit as represented by the presence of human intervention during the critical phases of the medical procedure. ” says Giuseppe Ponzi, CEO of Project S.R.L.


“RFIDdirect is pleased with the co-operation with CAEN RFID. CAEN RFID has shown to provide an excellent support to their distributor/dealer network. Not only do they have quality products, the organisation behind demonstrates quality too. Though as distributor, RFIDdirect has had a one to one training on the products and will be able to give a first line support, our customers can always contact the technical department of CAEN RFID directly if extra support is required in designing software solutions. The partner training session last April was a success.” says Frits van Calker, Managing Director of RFIDdirect.


“Tenenga operates in the industrial automation, systems integration and technology consulting markets, and has particular experience in the world of RFID using it since 1994. Tenenga want to be always abreast of the latest technologies and for this reason is a partner of CAEN RFID: its range of products for the RFID market is complete and allows you to better meet the needs of customers: for example, the reader qID (Mod. R1240I) which allows smartphones and tablet to become intelligent RFID terminals.” says Ubaldo Montanari, president and CEO of Tenenga.